I can’t wait to share with you an awesome resource that the UnGuide found online. It’s called the MN Mental Health Providers of Color Database. This database contains a collection of information on mental health care providers in Minnesota who are people of color. The list includes the provider’s first and last name, gender, sex, clinic name, a website to the clinic or provider,  email, phone number, race/ethnicity, the language that the provider speaks, the kinds of service(s) the provider offers, and the provider’s specialty. 

This is an amazing, amazing, amazing resource for people who want to talk to a provider who is a person of color about a particular mental health issue, to network in the medical or health field, or to learn about the different types of representation that is portrayed in the medical and health fields. 

The list includes mental healthcare providers who speak one or two of the following languages: Hmong, Spanish, Vietnamese, Khmer, Karen, Thai, Hindi, and Russian just to name a few. Why is this important? It’s important because if your parents don’t speak English but Hmong, and they visit a mental health care provider who can speak Hmong, this person will be able to provide better care for your parents. Even better, your parents will be more comfortable voicing their concerns and encouraged to talk without fear of being misunderstood. When the person providing care is trained to care for that specific group of people, they know how to conduct themselves and can empathize with these people. There are many people who don’t receive the care they need because they can’t communicate their problems. This resource is one way to eliminate such a barrier.

This is an extensive list and just by looking at the dates, I can tell that the list will continue to grow. Definitely check out this resource and share it with your friends or colleagues who can take advantage of this!