What is the Tsev Hmoob (Hmong House) LLC? 

When I was a freshman in college, I lived in a Living Learning Community (LLC). An LLC is a co-ed community of students who share the same passion or interests. Usually, the whole floor is dedicated to students living in an LLC but in my case, it was a hallway on the fourth floor of Comstock Hall. There were 19 of us living in Tsev Hmoob that year (which literally means Hmong House) and four years later, I am still friends with many of them.

Since its initial launch in 2011, Tsev Hmoob has been accepting incoming first-year students to live there. A Community Advisor (CA) oversees the student activities in Tsev Hmoob and plans fun events throughout the year to accommodate new Tsev Hmoob members into the program. I remembered going on a trip to the local Hmong market, a Hmong museum, and getting free food every once in a while. 

Tsev Hmoob is one of the LLC that the Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence (MCAE) collaborates with every year, including four other LLC programs: CASA SOL LLC, American Indian Cultural House, Huntley House for African American Men, and Charlotte’s Home for Black Women. You will learn more about what MCAE does and the services it provides in the next post.

These LLCs are a home away from home for many students and they are a place where students can feel loved and cultivate a sense of belonging on campus. By living among people who share the same interests and passions, a freshman can have a more satisfying on-campus experience overall just like I did.