The Asian Pacific American Resource Center (APARC) recently hosted the AAPI Youth Summit called “Rooting Our Stories, Rooting Ourselves.” This summit explored various topics around the idea of what it means to root one’s self in his or her own histories, stories, and community. There was a workshop on the topic of self-identity as an AAPI student. There was another workshop on how to design the path of success for oneself. The one that I attended is called “Let’s Talk about Asian American Women: Domestic Violence and the Treatment of Women.”
What makes this workshop compelling and unique is not that the workshop focused on domestic violence, but rather, the workshop focused specifically on Asian American Women. I’m sure that there are thousands of seminars and workshops on domestic violence, but only a few touch on this group. Although the presentation in the workshop didn’t introduce any new concepts or shocking news to me (mainly because it focused on domestic violence as a whole), what was interesting was the conversations that were had. For instance, one of the attendees talked about the frustration of domestic violence in the Asian American Community and how stigmatized it was for a woman to seek divorce because women were viewed as less valuable than men. I, on the other hand, meted out my frustration about how wrong it was that women were forced to keep their marriage with their abusive other half. This is mainly because the families on both sides don’t want to lose face in the community.
The term lose face means to suffer humiliation from people in the community, such as relatives or close friends.
The workshop ended on a good because it felt good to know that there are people out there who feels the same way as I do about domestic violence. Although the workshop provided a safe space for discussing this issue, I wish that the speakers could have provided us with tools to help us navigate this issue. To leave us with the resources to make a change in the community or at least in our own lives.
Overall, I appreciate APARC for hosting the AAPI Youth Summit and I wish APARC continued success in future summits!