Did you manage to check out the Let’s Talk website? Was it helpful? I bet it was! In this post, as promised here are some of the wonderful perks of using Let’s Talk! One of the greatest things about Let’s Talk is that it is confidential and informal drop-in counseling. This means that students are not obligated to provide their name, proof of insurance, nor are they required to schedule appointments. They are welcome to come whenever and however many times they need. Let’s Talk is great for students who do not want their parents to see an insurance bill and for students who do not have insurance.
It is also a space for students to talk about the problems they are experiencing and to speak their thoughts instead of bottling it up. As explained by one of the Let’s Talk counselors, “We want people to know that Let’s Talk is a place; a nice place where people can go and talk to someone about their mental health experiences.” However, I must stress that Let’s Talk is not a crisis service nor do the staff provide treatment. But they can connect students with other mental health resources on campus.
Did you like that? I’ve never heard of any program as free and open as Let’s Talk. Go tell your friends and spread the word. The next post is the last post, but the most important one. After all, the UnGuide is an online platform that exists to serve you as underrepresented students. If you missed it in my previous post, here is the link to Let’s Talk: https://counseling.umn.edu/lets-talk. So please don’t hesitate to reach out to Let’s Talk if you are interested!