In the previous post, you learned about the great work that Let’s Talk counselors are doing for us fellow students. Now let’s learn how to sign up for Let’s Talk and read how each session works! Let’s Talk has a schedule of all the drop-in hours and time on their website (, which is super convenient because students can attend any session that best fit their time and needs. The students also have the option to choose the counselor they want to visit. The information on each of the counselors are provided online so students can choose who they want to meet beforehand.
Let’s Talk is open five days a week and most sessions last about 30 minutes, but there is no time limit. To attend a drop-in session, students are asked to complete an optional form that takes less than a minute to complete. If the counselor is currently in a session, the student just needs to slip it under the door of the counselor’s office who they want to meet. This way, the counselor will know that he or she has a student waiting outside.
See how helpful that was? Not only is the program Let’s Talk super convenient, the program even lays out everything for you so you even get to choose the counselor you want to meet with! Next, I will tell you about the special perks of Let’s Talk! So, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Let’s Talk at if you are interested!