Feel like your friends are giving you the same old advice and you want a different perspective from someone who has training in mental health? Do you have questions about mental health counseling but not sure if you need it? Well look no further! At the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities we have Let’s Talk! Let’s Talk is a drop-in informal counseling program that was created to serve students who want to talk to someone about a need that they may have but may not be comfortable sharing their experiences in a formal counseling session due to various reasons. There has been an increase in the number of students who utilize the resource since it was first launched in Fall of 2018. Many of the students they serve are students of color and students who identify as LGBTQ.
This program is completely drop-in, free, and confidential. There are currently five locations on campus, so students have many options to choose from. At the moment, Let’s Talk is partnering with RecWell, Law School, MCAE, PES, CBS, and One Stop on the St. Paul Campus and is exploring other locations in the future with the goal of creating a stable and supportive program for students of color.
In this post I have introduced to you what Let’s Talk is all about. In the next post, I will share with you who are the faces behind Let’s Talk and the great work they are doing! In one of my future posts, I will talk about how you can sign up for Let’s Talk, but if you want to know more, here is the link: https://counseling.umn.edu/lets-talk. So, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Let’s Talk if you are interested!