Last but not least, I want to share this personal experience with you! Like most immigrant families, my parents wanted me to become a doctor, lawyer, or a surgeon. Well, I’m not interested in becoming one of those. I have other interests that I want to pursue. But, like many other immigrant parents, my parents want me to pursue one of these careers because these are the kinds of jobs that will make a lot of money. They think that if I go to school, study, and get good grades then I can become a doctor. However, they don’t understand that this road is fraught with long nights of studying, sleep deprivation, anger, and frustration. I don’t want to become something I don’t like because in the end, it will only disappoint my parents and myself.
We are already dealing with the stress at school, but we still have to deal with the stress at home. For instance, right before a big exam, our parents call us to come help out at home. But we say no because we have to study for the exam. Eventually, this becomes a big issue and the arguing back and forth becomes too much. These are things that first-generation students struggle with, but at the same time these experiences shape the people we become. It allows us to prioritize, evaluate our surroundings, and problem-solve. It makes us unique.
I shared my personal experiences with academic, financial, and family struggles. Now I want you to share yours. What are some of the things you have to deal with? Comment below and don’t forget to check out our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account for more similar posts.