Hopefully you spread the word about Let’s Talk. If not, you still have time! In this post, I will talk about how Let’s Talk is a great resource for us underrepresented students!
Although Let’s talk has just launched, the Appleby location has been getting a lot of traffic. Currently, their only forms of outreach involved word of mouth, through academic advisors, and even the parents of students! The staff members at Let’s Talk also do a lot of in-person advertisements, but they are looking to improve awareness about their program.
Furthermore, Let’s Talk staff members are from a diverse background and they are knowledgeable about the systematic and personal issues of students. They have experience working with a diverse number of students so they are best equipped with the knowledge to assist students. Not to mention, this program is free, confidential, and informal so students are not required to make an appointment.
Let’s Talk is a place for historically underrepresented students to feel a sense of relief and agency in using a support service on campus without being judged. Where these students feel heard, understood, and that they have control over their situation when they discuss their needs with the counselors. All the five locations on campus are easily accessible, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to Let’s Talk if you are interested! Again, here is the link: https://counseling.umn.edu/lets-talk.