I am in my last week of undergrad which has been a really interesting experience so far. I am a first generation college student and I was first to graduate from high School as well. I’ll never forget the day I was accepted to and how proud my dad was. I didn’t even know what a PhD was and I didn’t think people actually went on past a bachelor’s degree. I didn’t even know graduate school existed. The first semester was overwhelming because I also had to maintain my full-time job. I would see other students joining clubs and really making the most of that experience. In ways, I felt somewhat left out because I didn’t have any time between work and school. I would find myself sometimes feeling somewhat envious that people were going away for spring break with these said clubs. I’ll never forget the exhaustion I felt when I was maintaining three jobs and full-time school. It was extremely tiring and difficult. Early on in my undergrad, I began having psychotic related symptoms. This was a really taxing time as well. Eventually, I was having psychotic episodes. Due to my schizophrenia subtype diagnosis, I have problems with concentrating and retaining information. I have problems sleeping sometimes and I find it hard to get up in the morning when I have had to take my medication. I’ll never forget the defeat I felt when I had to take a voluntary health withdrawal from all of my classes. There was a month left in the semester and I wasn’t able to keep up any longer. Upon my return to UNLV, the board of people decided I wasn’t mentally fit enough to return to school. I appealed the decision and I was allowed to only enroll in one class that following semester. This put me behind an entire year in my degree plan. I changed my major four times total throughout my undergrad which put me behind even more. I am happy to say that I am in my final week of undergrad. I feel proud of myself that I was able to finish strong. I persisted no matter what and I didn’t let my diagnosis become an obstacle in my education. I am so happy my professor (Dr. Robnett) told me about this resource. I think it’s really neat. Class of 2018 y’all!!!!!!