Sometimes, I feel like my dreams are being shot at.
My appearance is targeted, because I don’t have the straight hair, fair skin, and standard height as the “ideal female” in this society.
My hair is kinky, my skin is similar to the color of cocoa, and I stand at the height of 5’8.

I refuse to be degraded by people who don’t understand me.
I’m more than what I look.
I am strong, intelligent, and determined.
I’m generous, showcase my talents, and
I talk of unheard things that few have thought to try.

I want to write, sing, and cure babies of their sickness.
I want to act and aid those who are deprived of the things you and I own.
I want to help my dear people.
I want to support this lost generation.
I wish there were MORE PEOPLE who CARED and less people who are ignorant and oblivious to the fact that we’re not

Why in some parts of the world, many have an abundance of material wealth?
Mean while others are cast off in the world, left with nothing to eat…let alone, nowhere to sleep.
There are so many elected for office, but how many are willing to benefit their fellow citizens?
There are so many parent-less children, raised in this world, with fear in their hearts.

Who will guide the lost generation?
Faith has definitely put me to this test,
And I’m determined to prove fairness.
I’ve never understood why kindness was considered as weakness.
So, I guess those who are powerful are ruthless.

How can we change?
Yes it’s strange, I want to do everything!
But, I got to start from something…
Remind me, why am I doing this?

I’ve learned that if you’re truly passionate about something,
You make it your business to work on it and become successful.
I believe that I’m going somewhere and
Its faith, that’ll will drive me to my destination.